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Pastor  -  John Horne

John Horne lives in Arlington with his wife, Kim, and their three sons, Sam, Josh and Nathan.  He loves to study the Bible and to help people become disciples of Jesus Christ.  John received his M.A. in Middle Eastern History from the American Institute for Holy Land Studies.  He has been a pastor for 11 years, and has been greatly blessed to visit the Holy Land five times.    A long-time runner, one of John’s favorite verses is Hebrews 12: 1-2.  In his spare time, Pastor John loves to watch the San Francisco 49ers, and travel with his family.


Pastor  -  Doug Guizlo

Doug Guizlo was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on July 1st, 2012 at Harvest Christian Fellowship.  He formerly served as an ordained Elder at his previous church, serving in that capacity for 5 years.  His teaching ministry began in 2000.  As Pastor, Doug enjoys preaching the Gospel, teaching the Word, connecting with everyone in the church and helping Christians learn more about their faith.  Doug traveled to the Holy Land in March of 2008 and looks forward to returning.  He and Renee married in 1997 and the Lord has blessed them with two children, Lauren and Andrew.  He enjoys spending time with his family, his friends, playing golf, and is a huge fan of the Memphis Tigers.  Doug and Renee have lived in Arlington since 2000.


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