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Student Education Ministry



​       The children’s ministry consists of 3 groups: 
           * Nursery -- age birth to 3 years old
           * Pre K to 2nd grade --
Kingdom Kids -- age 4 to grade 2
           * 3rd to 5th grade -- 
J-Walkers (the 'J' stands for Jesus)

     We offer a nursery for parents with infants and toddlers   located in the Student Education wing of the church (South end of the building).  It is stocked with age appropriate toys and pipes in live audio of the sermon for your comfort; but we also welcome you and your child to remain in the main auditorium if you so desire.  However, please consider the comfort of others if your child should have a less than joyful start to the morning.

     The Pre K to 5th grade Sunday program begins after morning worship in the main auditorium in which students and teaching teams will be dismissed before prayer and sermon, to their designated classrooms located in the Student Education wing of the church.​


     The Youth Ministry, also known as FUSION, consists of the combined grades of 6th-12th.   Fusion meets for Sunday Bible Study at 9:15am in the Student Education wing of the church.




     Welcome to Harvest Christian Fellowship Church Student Education Ministries.  As a new ministry we are developing our program to fit the calling of our church. We believe teaching directly from the Bible with simple and enriching lessons. We encourage committing scripture to memory and engaging in a daily prayer life.  Our goal is to help supplement the parental call to “train up a child in the way he (she) should walk…” so when they are old they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).  We try to keep activity to a quality minimum as we believe that family time is important and recognize that students are engaged in activities outside of the church environment as well.  HCF Church desires to see all families encouraged and involved in faith and church without feeling overwhelmed or obligated.  We sincerely hope the desire to serve is cultivated out of a love for God first, family second and everything else falling into priority.  Harvest entreats parents to aid the ministry program by volunteering to help with designated functions to help alleviate burnout and nurture an environment of fellowship and community amongst families.  If you would like to assist in the education program please contact Kristen Zimmerman and I will prayerfully consider how God desires to use your time and talent to enrich the program.


Childrens Education


Designated activities for each group will appear on the Harvest website calendar ( or will be posted on the Student Education Board, in the Sunday bulletin, and announced during the Sunday service.  With your support, participation and prayers, God will grow and bless the Student Education Ministry.  It is my sincerest hope that you and your family feel nurtured and nourished by the Word of God as presented by and through Harvest Christian Fellowship ministries. 



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